Are You Making the Best of Your Workforce?

Managing a multi-generational workforce during a period of almost constant change is tough, and organisations are dependent on the expertise of their HR professionals to not only navigate these difficulties, but to thrive.
In this webinar, part of People Management’s Industry Insights series, Talent expert Tim Pointer covers a number of strategies for nurturing and retaining your talent. He also shares more of the thinking behind these 10 Top Talent Tips:
1. Focus on the Future to match Supply and Demand
2. Identify business measures & behaviours that will create the Talent & Capability required to succeed
3. Make brave, public Talent pledges about how you will evolve your organisation’s talent provision.
4. Build teams that are representative of your community
5. Hire individuals with strong external networks
6. Create Jungle Gym career paths, not career ladders
7. Engage your Talent in exploring your future
8. Select & nurture your employment brand
9. You own your Talent data & strategy (not LinkedIn)
10. Evolve how Talent is defined by identifying your organisation’s Influencers.
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