How we do it

Accelerate your organisational performance through engagement, culture and leadership.  At Starboard we create bespoke programmes for your organisation because we know that every organisation faces different challenges on its road to success.  Our work with clients involves one, or a combination, of these areas:

Organisational Culture

Winning organisations define, evolve and embed their chosen culture; and align their stakeholders to it – whether employees, investors, partners, governance, or customers. The right context and culture empowers decision-making at every level of your organisation, and underpins high-performance. Starboard works with you to ensure that culture, values and behaviours are defined and understood organisation-wide; that the engagement of all stakeholders is measured; and that you’re acting on the resulting insights. Read more

Employee Engagement

Surveys create data. Starboard creates Insight. Starboard will work with you to identify engagement highs and lows; understand why that is; prioritise your engagement efforts; and track the impact on engagement and organisational performance quantitatively and qualitatively. We deliver deep insight into your organisation’s readiness to meet your strategic ambition. Read more

Strategy Development

Strategy Development is the most powerful way to motivate your people, increase engagement and accelerate performance. Starboard will work with you to ensure that your storytelling of organisational purpose, ambition and strategies inspires all your stakeholders. This is particularly important during substantial change such as rapid growth, relocation, merger or acquisition. Starboard’s team have worked on global change programmes, and will provide insight on how focusing on culture, communication and collaboration builds trust during transformation.

Employer of Choice Recognition

Employers of choice are sought by the most talented employees, but are also valued more highly by investors, customers, governance and partners. Starboard’s team have achieved Best Companies ranking on both the UK and European stages, and your organisation can benefit from this insight and experience.

Leadership Development

Developed for each level of leadership in your organisation, our programs build an agile and future-focused capability in your leaders. Designed bespoke, we establish the core leadership foundations: Leading Self; Leading Others; Leading the Organisation. Utilising tools that promote high engagement, involvement and innovation; we work with leaders passionate about realising their own and their team members’ potential in pursuit of your organisation’s purpose. Read more

Coaching & Mentoring

Starboard provides Coaching for strategic and future leaders, with our coach-coachee selection critical to successfully directing reflection and catalysing insight. We also provide Mentoring for future and existing HR leaders, who may wish to work with an experienced and proven professional, from HR Manager to Global HRD. Read more

Employer Brand

Organisations need a unique employer offer to retain and attract top talent. An employer’s brand is no longer controlled by the organisation, but is assessed and debated on employer evaluation websites and on social media. How can you engage and showcase the focus your organisation has on employee experience? Starboard works with you to clearly articulate your brand, values and stories in order to match the right talent against the right strategic challenges.

Speaking & Facilitation

Starboard’s founder, Tim Pointer, is an experienced speaker and subject matter expert on Organisational Culture, Engagement, and Leadership. Tim has a compelling story to tell about building high-performing teams organisation-wide and aligning these teams to deliver winning strategies. To view his speaking appearances, testimonials and videos click here.

To discuss your organisational needs and to find out more about our approach, please contact us.