At Starboard, our passion is advancing organisational performance by investing in a high-performance working culture.

The objective is to create high-performing-teams at every level who are aligned to the organisation’s purpose and strategy. We partner with executives and senior managers – both individually and as a team – facilitating and coaching them to align their organisation and its people for maximum success.

Our model is based on high-performance sailing teams, such as within the America’s Cup. On the hydrofoil catamarans of America’s Cup racing, every member of the team knows their individual, specialist role and is relied upon to perform it with dedication and professionalism. Anyone watching the team’s performance can see the commitment to the team’s purpose and strategy. Our aim is for this to be true for those teams we partner.

Sailing has given rise to our name: Starboard. Starboard is the right side of the boat. To sail on starboard tack (when the wind blows over the boat’s right side) is the position of advantage when racing, and is to be maintained for as long as possible. Organisations compete every day, and within their own business conditions plan to be on Starboard.

“The sooner we learn to be jointly responsible, the easier the sailing will be.”

Ella Maillart, Swiss adventurer and sportswoman

Our Purpose & Values

We express Courage

We believe that today’s competitive marketplace is no place for the fainthearted.

We are Explorers

We see new horizons, ideas, technology or insights, and navigate to a position of best advantage.

We love Brains

Our work pivots on how the brain functions, and how this defines how people think and act in work.

We value Integrity

We will do the right thing at all times, whether or not anyone is watching