10 Challenges on Employee Engagement

1. What are your employees engaged to?  Review your Strategic Framework and consider whether it expresses – in compelling terms – your organisational purpose, vision, goals, strategies, capabilities and values. Consider how these are brought to life; and what is your employees’ everyday experience.

2. Who are your employees engaged to?  Identify critical relationships upon which your organisational success is dependent, such as investors, governance, customers, and partners.

3. How are successes, challenges and changes communicated across your organisation?  Define the consistent communication habits which give employees the information they need, when they need it.

4. How will employees adapt to new opportunities and stay current in their thinking?  Identify and develop the new capabilities that will be required to deliver your strategic plan. Invest in this development.

5. Do your employees trust your leaders? Why should they? Deepen the connection and trust between leaders and their team. Value inclusion so that ideas and contributions are welcome at every level.

6. How do you know that you’re succeeding? Set and evaluate a set number of metrics that define and inspire achievement. Measure, measure, measure.

7. How do you understand and motivate yourself and others?  Apply psychological insights into your organisational approach, and ensure their use is role-modelled by your strategic leaders.  Embrace psychology.

8. Are your employees encouraged to work as a team? Celebrate collaboration and establish a platform to create connectivity with accountability, for employees to learn and achieve collectively.

9. Are your teams the most efficient and effective they can be?  Build ownership within teams so that incremental changes can be tested and adopted in pursuit of increased efficiency and effectiveness.  Continually improve.

10. What’s right for your organisation? One size fits no one.  Design all initiatives bespoke to your context, culture and ambition, and strengthen what’s unique to the organisation.  Context is Queen.

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