An Insight into Internships at Starboard

“You can get a lot of value from interns, if you don’t treat them like interns.” – Fortune

After a year in Spain there’s no denying that the prospect of returning to work in the ever-pleasant climate of England was a little disheartening. However, when July rolled around it seemed my fears over the weather and starting an internship disappeared simultaneously. Within the first five minutes of meeting the Starboard team I was made to feel at ease, and during my first few days I was given a briefing on the company; their aims and accomplishments; their branding and product proposition and, most importantly for me, what I was going to be doing.

Over the course of the internship, I have been introduced to the dynamic, humorous and fast-paced world of Starboard. I have been made to feel like an integral part of the team with as much of a licence to contribute and innovate as the next person. I was encouraged to contribute extensively in team meetings; kept up to date on new developments facing the business, and attention was paid to my personal development with training throughout the internship.

From the outset, it was clear that Starboard’s Founders have created a strong business culture, which inspires creativity and motivation within its community of employees. The business partners with organisations in order to nurture, motivate and engage their employees. Starboard is a perfect example of a company who live by the morals and ethics they preach.

My contribution to Team Starboard

I was given the liberty to explore my creativity through writing for the company on various blogs and articles. I arrived with no previous experience in digital marketing yet I was guided through a variety of programmes and software that have opened my eyes to the possibilities businesses should take advantage of to promote themselves online. Not only did I realise my potential as a wasp catcher, due to a rogue nest that joined us in the office, but also I was given a professional MBTI assessment to aid me in working at my highest level, whilst being aware of my unique combination of strengths and working preferences. When the end of the internship came around I was astounded to realise that the time had passed so rapidly and that I had been treated, not as a temporary helper but as a full-time employee.

Starboard is always ‘on the right side’ and that is something I am proud to say I have been part of.

Written by Vic Hillis, Intern at Starboard.

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