Deploying Your Internal Influencers to Successfully Navigate Change & Increase Engagement

Quickly grasping the networks of influence that exist within their organisations enables ambitious businesses to successfully navigate change and challenge; be on the front foot from a people and talent perspective; and increase empowerment, collaboration and engagement. 

How can you identify the Influencers in your organisation and use them to best advantage in times of change? Influencers are the most acknowledged and socially connected employees in your organisation, as nominated by the people who directly work with them. They are your true opinion leaders, whether they are in formal leadership positions, or not. People go to them for advice, feedback, inspiration, and meaningful discussions.

Influential employees reach on average around 70% of your total workforce through their informal networks, in comparison to the reach of senior leaders which averages around 5%. Mapping your influencers allows you to:

  • Better support your employees in their understanding and acceptance of changes.
  • Transform into a more productive workplace by uncovering critical employee connections and communication strengths or weaknesses.
  • Accelerate development initiatives and pave the path to a successful transition and outcome.

How do I find my Influencers?

OrgMapper is a powerful organisational network analysis tool which uses an original methodology to crowd-source data from employees across your business. The data provides you with an objective means of pinpointing key talent (influencers), rather than this being determined more subjectively by your line managers. Influencer profiles are determined by both professional capabilities and social connectivity, including the number of times they have been nominated for each of these by their peers.  

By implementing this ground-breaking analysis in your organisation, you uncover the 3-4% of Influencers in your organisation, distributed across all business areas, geographical areas and hierarchy levels. A definitive list of your company’s top Influencers enables you to confidently put together the most effective team to plan and deploy your development and change initiatives.

We would love to share how this could be implemented for your organisation and the results you could expect.

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